Dreadlabs is a creative hub that revolves around creatives from all kinds of practices. The goal is to unite creators from all over the world and spreading positivity by exploring aesthetics from darker perspectives.

The hub itself is solely operated by myself and it has 4 main platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Discord and a website. YouTube and Instagram mainly share design tutorials. The discord server gives creators the opportunity to make new friends and network. On the website I sell design and production assets, as well as merchandise.
I’ve been passionate about more than graphic design for my whole life. I used to produce music, I like (spray)painting and I love being involved in fashion projects. Dreadlabs is a way for me to be involved in all of those things while simultaneously connecting people with similar interest with each other. Due to Covid, I and a lot of people like me suffer from loneliness. Dreadlabs offers a way to counter this loneliness in some way.
For Dreadlabs I’ve been doing everything on my own. That means setting up and keeping track of the website, webshop and social platforms. Besides that I create all the content, including the video tutorials, social posts and products. What I love about this project is that I can work on every aspect of it. Doing something for Dreadlabs is different each day.

For more info in Dreadlabs, you can go to https://www.dreadlabs.net/  

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